Professional Development
Sergey Vinnikov's professional workshop
to develop the talents of ophthalmic surgeons
Professional Development
Sergey Vinnikov's professional workshop to develop the talents of ophthalmic surgeons
Traditional education model
To gain the right to operate independently, a cataract surgeon has to overcome a long journey. How effective is the existing training system?
Solid international experience
Over 15 years, more than 5,000 surgeons have gained fundamental knowledge and skills thanks to the international Phaco Development program.
Keeping traditions
The PD Club opens up new opportunities for the professional development of both novice and experienced surgeons
Participation in PD events has become an important part of the professional development of PD surgeons, providing patients with high level standards of treatment
Advanges of PD methodology
Following the 4 principles allows you to avoid mistakes at the initial stages and reach a decent level of surgery in a relatively short time.
Dear colleagues, welcome to my personal page!

The combination of medical and business education allowed me to develop a career in leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry and manufacturers of medical equipment. There I gained valuable experience in people management, business development and organization of professional trainings.

For the last 10 years, my efforts have been focused on the development of the international Phaco Development program in the country, aimed at developing high-class ophthalmic surgeons. Under my leadership, a professional team of PD specialists was created, numerous courses and trainings were developed and put into practice, hundreds of qualified surgeons and teachers were trained. Taking an active part in international trainings, congresses and seminars, I am constantly updating my knowledge, improving my skills and expanding my network of business contacts with industry leaders.

I will be glad to share my knowledge and experience to help you achieve a high level of professional competence.
I invite you to attend our training events and join the community of like-minded people!
Sergey Vinnikov
Training expert
The PD Club is a dynamic community of professionals dedicated to sharing innovative developments in the surgical treatment of cataracts and related pathologies.

Participation in the annual PD Club meetings offers not only an excellent opportunity to enrich your professional repertoire with new ideas and knowledge but also the pleasure of connecting with like-minded individuals!

The exclusive programs of the club's meetings focus on the following aspects:

- Promoting and advancing the concept of lens surgery as a refractive method aimed at achieving the highest possible quality of vision.
- Discussing the practical application of the latest technologies and surgical techniques, especially in complex and atypical clinical cases, as well as in combined pathologies.
- Enhancing the organizational efficiency of clinics and developing personal branding.

The club meetings are held in a friendly, informal atmosphere. All scientific presentations, accompanied by lively discussions, are interconnected and sequential, creating a comprehensive training course. Participants have the opportunity to receive a Certificate of Advanced Training with the assignment of CME credits.

See you soon in extraordinary places!
    И. А. Орлова г. Калининград, клиника "ОКУЛЮС"
    О курсе "Рефракционная хирургия хрусталика" (авг. 2023)
    К. Г. Амбарцумян г. Калининград, клиника "ОКУЛЮС"
    О курсе "Рефракционная хирургия хрусталика"
    О расширенном заседании Клуба PD в Махачкале
    О расширенном заседании Клуба PD в Махачкале
    О расширенном заседании Клуба PD в Махачкале
    О расширенном заседании Клуба PD в Махачкале
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